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Other Cleaning

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Welcome to ReliaProp Property Management's cleaning services page. We are your trusted source for professional cleaning solutions, including rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, furniture steam cleaning, and more. Our experienced team of trained technicians utilizes eco-friendly cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to provide thorough and effective cleaning results. Whether you need a thorough carpet deep cleaning, steam cleaning for your upholstery or furniture, or specialized rug cleaning for viscose or indigo dye rugs, we have you covered. With our commitment to green cleaning practices and delivering top-notch results, you can trust us to keep your property clean, fresh, and well-maintained.

Cleaning Services

At ReliaProp Property Management, we offer professional cleaning services in Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Our experienced team of trained technicians provides comprehensive and thorough cleaning solutions for all your property cleaning needs. As a trusted cleaning company, we specialize in rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning, upholstery cleaning, including addressing clogged drain pipes. Our green cleaning services utilize eco-friendly cleaning products for a safe and environmentally conscious approach to property maintenance. We take pride in delivering top-notch and thorough cleaning results, ensuring your property is clean, fresh, and well-maintained.

Carpet Cleaning

At ReliaProp Property Management, we offer professional carpet cleaning services, including rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, and specialized cleaning for rugs made of viscose or indigo dye. Our expert team utilizes steam cleaning, a thorough and effective method, to rejuvenate and restore your carpets and rugs. With our professional rug cleaning services, we can effectively remove dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your carpets and rugs fresh, clean, and looking like new. Our commitment to providing thorough cleaning results and utilizing steam cleaning ensures that your carpets and rugs are cleaned to the highest standards.

Steam Cleaning:

We offer professional steam cleaning services for various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, furniture, mattresses, and even floors. Our state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment is designed to provide deep cleaning and sanitization, effectively removing dirt, stains, and allergens from your surfaces. Whether you need carpet steam cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, or mattress steam cleaning, our experienced team of technicians is equipped with the expertise and tools to deliver exceptional results. We also offer steam cleaning for rugs and couches, providing thorough and effective cleaning solutions for all your steam cleaning needs. Trust us for professional and reliable steam cleaning services to keep your property clean, fresh, and well-maintained.


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